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About the webinar: Top 10 Secrets of Agile Transformation

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  I recently watched a webinar from the Scrum Alliance: Top 10 Secrets of Agile Transformation. It was delivered by Michael Sahota, founder of the Toronto Agile community. In it, Sahota shared the 10 secrets he follows when helping create a successful Agile transformation, based on his experience as a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coachâ„ . … Continued

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Agile Software Development Overview

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Last month I read a classic text on agile software development called The Agile Samurai: How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software by Jonathan Rasmusson.  This book is required reading for all team members in our organization. When my teenage son (an aspiring software engineer) asked me what the book was about, I told him about … Continued

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