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Pinterest’s Explosive Growth Continues

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…and Facebook is getting nervous. Just over a year ago, we took note of the incredible overnight popularity of online pinboard, Pinterest. Well, according to the most recent statistics, Pinterest’s explosive growth hasn’t let up yet. In December, Nielsen released its 2012 Social Media Report, which revealed that Pinterest saw an increase of over 1000% in … Continued

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LinkedIn Benefits for Employers

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LinkedIn has over 100 million members in over 200 countries as of March 2011 and is the leading professional networking site. It is not only useful for professionals around the world to connect to each other on a central site, but also can be used by employers as a way to benefit their business. Users … Continued

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Using YouTube to Benefit Your Business

Using YouTube to Benefit Your Business

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YouTube has become all the rage as a central place to post videos for hundreds of millions of people all over the world to view. Videos can be posted on YouTube simply by creating an account, and with the right marketing on your company website and through other social media mediums, you can drive visitors … Continued

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Top 5 Business Benefits of Marketing through Twitter

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Last time I discussed how to market through Facebook, and this time micro-blogging sensation Twitter is the hot internet marketing topic to be discussed. Twitter is a high speed way to leverage your business to market to a larger audience as Twitter now has over 190 million users. While there are many, many ways you … Continued

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How to leverage social media, social marketing

How to leverage social media, social marketing

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WASHINGTON, DC – We are reaching a noise stage in the social media realm where there is just too much information, too many choices and too much chatter.  In an attempt to both clarify and contribute to the chatter, these would be my recommended approaches to leveraging social media tools for business purposes: 1.  Establish social … Continued

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