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SEO Analysis tools to compare competitor websites

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Classic question from a typical client… Dentist: Why does the dentist across the street rank higher than me? To many people, who don’t quite understand how search engines work, it could be baffling to try to understand why a competing business in the same area – or even the same building – ranks higher on … Continued

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SEO Tips: Listen to your clients

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My best source of information and business intelligence about how to rank high on Google (search engine optimization) comes directly from the prospective clients whom I speak with over the phone.  Goes like this… Telephone rings Blake: It’s a GREAT day at inQbation.  This is Blake.  How can I help you? Caller: I’m looking for … Continued

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How to get found on Google

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Feeling lost? Want to get found on Google? Getting found on Google is not hard. You have to follow three simple steps: 1. Use WordPress to power your website 2. Choose the keyword phrases that your target audience will most likely Google 3. Insert that keyword phrase into the subject or title of your blog … Continued

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