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bootstrap columns grid

Creating Bootstrap columns in Drupal panels with mixins

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In terms of Front-End Drupal gives you several ways to achieve your goals, you can use Views, Panels, Display Suite, Templates overrides, Custom modules, etc., so sometimes it’s a bit difficult to define the best (or the worst) way to do something. A couple of years ago, we created a theme for a Drupal 7 … Continued

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SimpLESS landing page

Stop using SimpLESS to compile LESS files

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LESS is a CSS pre-processor that allows you to extend the capabilities of the CSS language and make the codeĀ easier to maintain. LESSĀ code can be compied with node.js, using command lines, but some people prefer using applications like SimpLESS, Crunch and WinLESS to compile the LESS code in a friendly way. We recently found out … Continued

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