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Mapping Your Marketing Message

Mapping Your Marketing Message

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First impressions are important in almost any setting – in person, and online. Businesses are well aware that their website’s home page is integral to drawing the interest of potential customers and representing that company to the world of online consumers, but in a relatively young and fast-changing industry, the perceived best approach takes several … Continued

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Poster of Angry Birds characters

Angry Birds Space uses astronaut from the ISS for advertising

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Interesting how an astronaut from NASA promotes this game and explains its new features in a real environment, with no gravity, from the International Space Station. Kind of cool, uh? but at the same time, it’s a great marketing strategy. Finding a prominent figure to promote your product or services (ensuring they’re relevant) is a … Continued

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Top 5 Business Benefits of Marketing through Twitter

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Last time I discussed how to market through Facebook, and this time micro-blogging sensation Twitter is the hot internet marketing topic to be discussed. Twitter is a high speed way to leverage your business to market to a larger audience as Twitter now has over 190 million users. While there are many, many ways you … Continued

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