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Blake Newman

10 year work anniversary: Blake Newman, inQbation

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Ten years ago, I was living in Santa Monica, California and working 2 blocks from the beach. Every other person who came into my office seeking a website was either associated with Hollywood or was an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to start up a new tech company.  But, they only had a budget of $2,500.  Talk … Continued


Inqubation – based out of DC

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WASHINGTON, DC – We thought we were clever when we named ourselves inQbation and registered the domain name inQbation.com.  We didn’t think about how many people automatically stick the “u” in there after the “q”.  For the record, it’s INQBATION not Inqubation 😉

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What does Alexa score mean?

What does Alexa score mean?

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Alexa is a company purchased by Amazon.  It uses third-party traffic statistics to help rank the most popular websites on the planet.  An Alexa score of 1 means that this website is the most popular and highly visited website in existence. Alexa closely tracks websites in the top 100,000.  Given that there are about 10,000,000 … Continued

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