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Wherefore therefore: Choosing the right keywords in a blog post

Wherefore therefore: Choosing the right keywords in a blog post

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It is tempting to invest a lot of time wordsmithing the perfect headlines and getting input from one or more colleagues for a blog post.  After all, your website is a direct reflection of you and your organization. But, if we are not careful, it is easy to fall into the Analysis Paralysis trap and … Continued

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Should I call it News or Blog? What’s the difference?

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Question: I know what a blog is but worry my clients won’t get it. Would “news” be better? But that doesn’t convey to me what blog does. News/blog? What should we label the button to the page with all those things we publish? Answer: The purpose of this thing (blog, news, whatever) is to drive traffic to … Continued

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#Mobilgeddon – How Google rewards mobile friendly responsive websites

#Mobilgeddon – How Google rewards mobile friendly responsive websites

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Excellent blog post on Google’s algorithm change to reward mobile friendly sites and punish those not responsive.  Long and short of it is not to worry, you are probably fine.  There is also a link to an SEO analysis tool that tests your website to see if it will pass Google’s test or not.

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Internship at Web Development Company in Virginia

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How SEO Works: How to rank higher on search engines Week 2 Blog: Images and non-HTML content Entering the second week of the internship, I have learned that images and non-HTML content can play a key role to SEO. Optimizing images, Flash file, Java applets and videos for SEO can be just as important as text content. Not … Continued

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Most popular sites in the world on the Internet

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Generally speaking, the 7 drivers of traffic to a website are: Tools Information Entertainment Community Commerce Communication Education Some site are able to drive huge traffic and remain popular by leveraging only one of these drivers while others strive to leverage all 7 levers. If you want to drive more traffic to your site, try … Continued

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SEO Tips: Listen to your clients

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My best source of information and business intelligence about how to rank high on Google (search engine optimization) comes directly from the prospective clients whom I speak with over the phone.  Goes like this… Telephone rings Blake: It’s a GREAT day at inQbation.  This is Blake.  How can I help you? Caller: I’m looking for … Continued

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How to rank on search engines to win new business

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Washington DC SEO Expert, Blake Newman, explains how he discovers the right keywords to use to drive qualified traffic to inQbation.com. Many people simply seek raw traffic to their website.  But, the thrill of half a million visitors per month starts to wain when you realize none of them are giving you money  or buying … Continued

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How to rank well on Google – advice from Matt@Google

How to rank well on Google – advice from [email protected]

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WASHINGTON, DC – celebrity Google employee, guru and anti-spam guy gave an outstanding presentation on how to get found on Google. He explains PageRank in a very understandable way and provided tremendous advice for bloggers, webmasters and SEO professionals. If you want to get found on Google, you should watch this 45 minute presentation by … Continued

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