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Continuous Deployment for Drupal 7 (part 2)

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  Hi again! If you haven’t read the first part of this article, then you might want to give a look at Continuous Deployment for Drupal 7 (part 1) before moving onto this one. If you already read it, then great! Let’s continue then. At this point you know that to implement your continuous deployment workflow for … Continued

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SendGrid, an alternative to Mandrill to send messages from your website

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  As you may already know, Mandrill changed radically some time ago, now you need to have a paid subscription on Mailchimp to be able use the transactional message delivery service a.k.a. Mandrill, and you will need to pay for that component as well, so it can be complex and at the same time a bit … Continued

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How to migrate content from Drupal 7 to WordPress 4?

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Sometimes you realize the technology you used for your application or website is actually more complex than needed (do you remember what this acronym KISS means?) or maybe you just want to get on the same wavelength and try this famous CMS (WordPress) everybody is talking about. In either case, you cannot just dismiss your thousands … Continued

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CKEditor open source license for Drupal projects

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CKEditor has an open source version that can be used in Drupal (check version). These are the license details: CKEditor is distributed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL Open Source licenses. This triple copyleft licensing model is flexible and allows you to choose the license that is best suited for your needs. http://ckeditor.com/about/license However, please notice that by default, CKeditor comes … Continued


Drupal preview is not working!

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Yes, and it’s unbelievable that such a great and sophisticated content management system doesn’t offer a way to preview content as it’s going to look in the front end. What Drupal does is showing a preview of the content on top of the edit form of the content type in the back end, with the … Continued