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Change “500 Internal Server Error” in Joomla! 2.5 to “404 Not Found” error

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WASHINGTON DC Joomla! cyber security company – Herndon, Virginia A government client in Washington D.C. contacted us a few days ago with a problem they were encountering when trying to run an automated security auditing tool, called HP WebInspect on the development version of their websites after testing an update to Joomla! 2.5 from the … Continued

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WordPress Pharma Hack 2013 Fixed

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WASHINGTON DC WordPress development company – Herndon, Virginia Recently, one of our clients contacted us about his Google search results showing up with a notice saying that “This site may be compromised.” That text linked to a page on Google, which provided information and steps to get rid of that notice. We followed those steps, … Continued

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Cloud Innovations to Look For in 2013

Cloud Innovations to Look For in 2013

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Cloud computing, remote storage, and many other services rendered in the cloud went mainstream in 2012; but this year, as new standards and practices are implemented, there are some things to keep an eye for that will set the stage for some amazing leaps forward in the years to come. 1. Reliability Virtually every year, … Continued

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