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Pros and cons of Agile Project Management Tools and how to use them correctly

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At the end of every sprint we run Agile retrospectives to discuss and analyze what went well in the sprint and what could have been done better. We have come to the conclusion that usually, poor communications, assumptions and failure in expectations management are the reason why things go wrong. Although Agile is not about tools but about … Continued

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Best practices for communication of distributed agile teams

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Having everyone sit together improves the productivity of your agile team because everybody can speak to each other at any given time and get questions answered  fast, and it’s easier to see what everybody’s doing and be on the same page. However, it doesn’t mean that distributed teams can’t perform as good as collocated team, one way … Continued

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Scrum and Agile – How to do a Sprint Retrospective

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The Sprint Retrospective is mainly for the Team, Product Owner included. Differently from a Sprint Review, the Sprint Retrospective focuses not on the Project, but on the Team and its processes (how they did what they did and how they worked as a team). There are two things every member of the Team should always … Continued

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Best tools for agile development

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To do agile right, it helps to have a common set of tools and methods to help everybody remain aligned and in sync. Some of the tools that we use on a regular basis include: Inception deck Kanban board (JIRA) JIRA Slack and Google Hangout Daily standup Sprint retrospective Inception deck At the beginning of … Continued

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