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Git best practices for Agile projects and distributed teams

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For those who are not familiar with Git, it’s one of the most popular version control systems, created by Linus Torvals for the development of the Linux kernel. One of the best features of Git is that every directory on every computer is a full-fledged repository with complete history and full version tracking abilities, independent of … Continued

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Typeplate logo

Typeplate, and how to improve the presentation of your website

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Nowadays, the use of CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation is very common in front end development and it allows developers and designers to build good looking HTML structures pretty quickly. Usually these frameworks only focus on layout and functionality, disregarding basic design principles for typographic patterns. This is a big problem, because a website is not just layout, navigation, tooltips or buttons, … Continued

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Essentials of Website Navigation

Essentials of Website Navigation

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Sometimes weaving your way through the World Wide Web can be extremely frustrating. To aid in easing user’s navigation throughout your website, I have included some of the best navigation tools and best practices that will keep users from feeling overwhelmed while visiting your site. Persistent navigation Persistent navigation is the set of navigational components … Continued

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