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Tips for Project Managing in a Web Company (lessons learned)

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When I graduated from my career, I was considering a professional future in everything from designing video game user experiences and interfaces, to gamifying apps and websites for higher purposes (social improvement, educational, etc.). Never once did the idea of becoming a Project Manager (PM) in a web development company form in my mind, and yet, a … Continued

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CEO: Lessons learned versus stupid mistakes

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From an internal debate between employee and supervisor when employee raised to supervisor’s attention the mistakes that larger companies have recently made in the headlines… “Thank you for sharing, but it does sound like a justification for failure. Your point is that even big companies make stupid mistakes, so we are just normal. Nothing to … Continued

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5 Tips to write Engaging Content for your Website

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On the web there is one simple truth: people don’t read online. And let’s be honest, neither do I, and probably neither do you. It’s not that we’re all incredibly lazy, the reality is our days are so busy and our time is so precious that if we actually read every single word on every website we … Continued

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SEO Tips: Listen to your clients

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My best source of information and business intelligence about how to rank high on Google (search engine optimization) comes directly from the prospective clients whom I speak with over the phone.  Goes like this… Telephone rings Blake: It’s a GREAT day at inQbation.  This is Blake.  How can I help you? Caller: I’m looking for … Continued

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A note to entrepeneurs looking to live the dream

A note to entrepeneurs looking to live the dream

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Why do we become entrepreneurs?  What is the American dream?  For most budding entrepreneurs, we dream of becoming financially independent.  We want to create a business that runs like a well-oiled machine, so we have more time in our lives, so we can live a life by design, not a life by default.  For many … Continued

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