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The actual cost of buying a commercial WordPress theme

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WordPress out of the box comes with a pretty decent theme from the security and technical standpoint, but it works for a blog site, not for a marketing site. There are many websites out there that sell WordPress themes with wonderful design and features. They promise custom home pages, product/service pages, integration with other services … Continued

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How to modify a WordPress query the right way

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If you’re a developer, and have worked with WordPress, you should be familiar with something called “The Loop“. The Loop is the way WordPress handles the display of the content you create. Behind The Loop, there are the Wp_Query class, and the $wp_query object. That way WordPress decides what to output based on the page … Continued

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Disaster prevention cheaper than disaster recovery

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Breaking and entering into websites for malicious purposes has been and will continue to be a big problem. Particularly with database-driven content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress where known vulnerabilities exist, the risk and probability of intrusion and disruption is high.  The question is not if, but when, your site will be hacked. … Continued

Wherefore therefore: Choosing the right keywords in a blog post

Wherefore therefore: Choosing the right keywords in a blog post

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It is tempting to invest a lot of time wordsmithing the perfect headlines and getting input from one or more colleagues for a blog post.  After all, your website is a direct reflection of you and your organization. But, if we are not careful, it is easy to fall into the Analysis Paralysis trap and … Continued

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Why you should be using WordPress instead of Joomla!

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WASHINGTON, DC – WordPress Developer WordPress and Joomla! Content Management Systems WordPress and Joomla! are two very popular content management systems (CMS), each utilized by literally millions of websites across the web. There are several similarities between the two software. For one, they’re both free. They also both have strong support and development communities backing … Continued

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How to Select the Right Plugins for your WordPress Website

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WASHINGTON DC – WordPress Developer When you’re setting up your site, finding a lot of neat plugins that add cool new functionality to your WordPress website can be fun and exciting. However, there are so many interesting plugins out there that it can be easy to go overboard installing things you may not actually need. … Continued

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Tips for Project Managing in a Web Company (lessons learned)

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When I graduated from my career, I was considering a professional future in everything from designing video game user experiences and interfaces, to gamifying apps and websites for higher purposes (social improvement, educational, etc.). Never once did the idea of becoming a Project Manager (PM) in a web development company form in my mind, and yet, a … Continued

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How to do a Sprint Review in Agile Development

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If you’re on a team just starting to get into agile development, or on a team who have long been applying it but suspect you may be doing it wrong, then you will want to read on and discover how to correctly perform a Sprint Review. Let’s go back to the basics. A sprint review … Continued

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How to migrate content from Drupal 7 to WordPress 4?

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Sometimes you realize the technology you used for your application or website is actually more complex than needed (do you remember what this acronym KISS means?) or maybe you just want to get on the same wavelength and try this famous CMS (WordPress) everybody is talking about. In either case, you cannot just dismiss your thousands … Continued

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How to migrate a multi-site WordPress installation to Pantheon?

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A lot of people use the WordPress multi-site feature to build and manage their sites (even does it) as it allows them to have an almost infinite number of web sites in just one installation. This might look like an efficient approach, but it has disadvantages and remember that all that glitters is not gold (see more on … Continued

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Should I call it News or Blog? What’s the difference?

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Question: I know what a blog is but worry my clients won’t get it. Would “news” be better? But that doesn’t convey to me what blog does. News/blog? What should we label the button to the page with all those things we publish? Answer: The purpose of this thing (blog, news, whatever) is to drive traffic to … Continued

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My takeaway from the WordPress Meetup

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This was a day of firsts for me. My first WordPress meetup, my first actual Meetup, my first time in DC, and now, my first blog post. As my first time in DC, it was disappointing, since we only got to know the CHIEF offices. As my first time in a Meetup it was ok. … Continued

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My takeaway from the WordPress Meetup

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Let me start by saying that I’ve never gone to a WordPress meet up before, so this was a whole new experience that left me intrigued, but ultimately, not entirely psyched to return. After taking considerable time walking down the streets of DC at 6pm trying to find the right building, we were warmly welcomed … Continued

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