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Best Government Websites & Designs

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WASHINGTON, DC – Government websites are not known for their beautiful design.  Unlike many commercial websites, government agency websites must comply with things like Section 508, accessibility, old web browsers, and slow internet connections.  These compliance issues often take a toll on aesthetic design and style.  Moreover, government agencies are not driven by the same … Continued

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ish 2.0 – An Awesome Responsive Design Testing Tool

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There are different testing tools for responsive design that are based on specific viewports. Given that nowadays we have thousands of devices and almost infinite combinations of screen sizes, those testing tools are limited, since they don’t show your design in all those different random viewports. Ish is a different responsive design testing tool, it’s not based on predefined … Continued

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Improve your Website’s look with Typeplate

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Nowadays, the use of CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation is very common in front end development and it allows developers and designers to build good looking HTML structures pretty quickly. Usually these frameworks only focus on layout and functionality, disregarding basic design principles for typographic patterns. This is a big problem, because a website is not just layout, navigation, tooltips or buttons, … Continued

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Photos of WordPress WordCamp Miami 2014

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Last weekend inQbation attended the 5th annual WordCamp event in Miami. Here are some of the photos we took during the event. Below is the cover presentation of John James Jacoby, BuddyPress and bbPress lead developer, who gave a presentation about the history of those two projects. Seven members of inQbation attended Miami Wordcamp. We took advantage of the great networking opportunities to promote our most … Continued

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WordPress for Government and Enterprise Summit

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WASHINGTON, DC – May 6, 2014 – inQbation was fortunate enough to have been invited to  the first WordPress for Government and Enterprise summit, an exclusive event held in Washington DC at Chief, to hear from Matt Mullenweg, (@photomatt) co-founder of WordPress & founder & CEO of Automattic, his ideas about how government websites can be better and … Continued

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New security vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Microsoft recently reported a serious security vulnerability (remote code execution) in Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, and Internet Explorer 11. Understanding the exploit: This is the description of the problem in the official announcement. The vulnerability exists in the way that Internet Explorer accesses an object … Continued

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Front end performance enhancements, the 3 snapshot technique

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There are many variables that affect the performance of a website in the front end (website template), and one of them is memory leaks, which can eventually make your website unresponsive and the browser to crash. The GMail team developed a workflow few years ago, called the “three snapshot” technique,  to eliminate memory leaks in GMail, using  the Chrome … Continued

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What I learned at WordPress VIP 2014 in San Francisco and Napa valley

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Apart from learning about wine, and that Napa is such an amazing place in the world, there were a bunch of stuff that I learned from the workshops I attended about security and performance, and from the conversations I had with the team from Automattic and the other attendees of this event. Vagrant, and deploying virtual … Continued

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Drag-and-drop content layouts in WordPress

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WordPress is a great Content Management System (CMS), but it often falls short when dealing with pages (or posts) that require a layout different than a linear one. Fortunately, WordPress is very flexible in terms of extensibility, allowing the developers around the world to create plugins that improve or add new features to the CMS. For … Continued

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How to make Balsamiq mockups look more professional

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Balsamiq Mockups is an intuitive software to create wireframes, or website skeletons, used to conceptualize a website or application before the design stage. By default, Balsamiq Mockups gives a sketchy look to these graphics, which make them look unprofessional. This is a wireframe created with Balsamiq, using the default settings that come with the software: … Continued