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Pleased to announce the relaunch of Leahy Wealth Management

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WASHINGTON, DC WordPress Developer – 18 Dec 2013 – inQbation, a WordPress shop in Washington DC is pleased to announce the launch of Leahy Wealthy Management. This WordPress web design took less than a month from start to finishy. Robert Leahy is the Founder and CEO of Leahy Wealth Management Group. He is also a … Continued

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How to buy an already registered domain name

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When somebody has a great idea for a business, one of the first things they do is to go online to GoDaddy or Network Solutions and register every variation of the domain name around their brilliant epiphany.  Combine this with late-night drugs or alcohol and some folks will register thirty or forty domain names at … Continued

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Washington DC Jobs: Business Analyst, Web Project Manager

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Apply on Linkedin Job Description inQbation is looking for a web-savvy Business Analyst (BA) who can wear many hats including requirements analysis, web project management, quality assurance, usability testing, web content strategy, client communications, interactive marketing, and art direction.  Your work breakdown will probably fall along these lines; business analysis (35%), communications (30%), project management (20%), … Continued

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Dell Support Sucks

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Ordered a $2,000 laptop from Dell.  Wasn’t working.  Reported it via my account.  No response.  Went online to their chat, after 20 minutes of waiting, they told me to call the Dell Business Support number.  Called that and had to deal with their stupid robot voice to navigate to an agent. Talked to the agent … Continued

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Usability testing and best practices: Street signs

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ARLINGTON, VA – We were inside the beltway to visit a client and had the awkward experience of trying to figure out the meaning behind some street signs related to parking.  The stakes were high because if you did not follow the instructions precisely, then you could risk having your car towed, damaging that car … Continued

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WordPress site maintenance

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We love WordPress.  We know WordPress from the front-end to the back-end core of its kernel software.  We know how to build plug-ins, integrate plugins, and do just about anything that can be done in WordPress. WordPress is a favorite among writers, journalists, communicators, marketers, and SEO professionals because it is easy to use and … Continued

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How to make bi-lingual website in WordPress

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Translations of content is not a function of the content management system (CMS).  Neither Joomla nor WordPress will translate your content.  However, there are third-party extensions, modules, plug-ins, and add-ons for both Joomla and WordPress that will facilitate multi-language content management or automatic translation. Automatic translation is the most cost-effective way to do it but … Continued

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Most popular sites in the world on the Internet

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Generally speaking, the 7 drivers of traffic to a website are: Tools Information Entertainment Community Commerce Communication Education Some site are able to drive huge traffic and remain popular by leveraging only one of these drivers while others strive to leverage all 7 levers. If you want to drive more traffic to your site, try … Continued

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Familiar ads keep popping up on websites?

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Have you noticed familiar advertising that seems to be popping up everywhere after you have visited a website? There is a concept called retargeting and remarketing, coined somewhat by Google, that basically tracks the sites you visit and then delivers advertisements related to those sites on subsequent sites that you visit in the future.  This … Continued

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WordPress shop in Washington DC (Northern VA)

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Herndon, VA – inQbation is a systems integrator of open source web content management systems (CMS) solutions such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla!  WordPress is the leading CMS on the web for good reason.  WordPress is easy to use, easy to install and configure, and cost-effective to design, develop, and operate.  A common misconception is … Continued

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GSA Awards inQbation AIMS Schedule 541 for Marketing and Web Site Design

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Washington, DC (Herndon, VA) – inQbation is pleased to announce it’s contract schedule with GSA for the 541 AIMS (Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions). SIN Job Title 541-3 Account Manager 541-3 Project Manager 541-3 Senior Developer 541-3 Developer 541-3 Junior Developer 541-3 Creative Art Director 541-3 Senior Designer 541-3 Designer 541-3 Junior Designer inQbation specializes … Continued

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How to Increase Traffic to your Website

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There are seven (7) primary reasons why people use the Internet and/or visit a website: Information Education Entertainment Communication Community Tools E-Commerce If you want to drive traffic to your website, if you want people to be loyal and faithful visitors of your website who return frequently and linger longer, you need to think about … Continued

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ASOA wins APEX Award for publication excellence

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FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA – 8 August 2013, The twenty-fifth annual awards for Publication Excellence, a competition for communications processionals, organized by Communications Concepts, awarded the 2013 APEX Award for Publication Excellence to the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA) of Fairfax, Virginia.

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Website Facelift: Before and After Screenshots

Website Facelift: Before and After Screenshots

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Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships website (before) Press Partners (after) EPDC.ORG (before) EPDC.ORG (after) Asian American Institute (before) Asian American Institute (after) GZ Consultants (before) GZ Consultants (after) Enstruct (before) Enstruct (after) ACUS.GOV (before) ACUS.GOV (after)

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