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The actual cost of buying a commercial WordPress theme

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WordPress out of the box comes with a pretty decent theme from the security and technical standpoint, but it works for a blog site, not for a marketing site. There are many websites out there that sell WordPress themes with wonderful design and features. They promise custom home pages, product/service pages, integration with other services … Continued

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Website Design Services for Government Agencies and Nonprofit Organizations

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Website design has evolved into a sophisticated art form backed by data-driven science.  The graphical skills and thinking that used to work for static prints, flyers, and advertisements are simply inadequate for interactive user interfaces (UI) performed on a variety of device types, sizes, browsers, and connection speeds. To provide effective user experiences (UX), particularly … Continued

User Research Methods for UI and UX Designers

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So you’ve been handed a project, told who your target audience is, and it’s time to get started on researching your users to ensure the final result of your project suits them and ideally fulfils a specific need. The end game for any project where users are concerned can be to appeal to them and lead … Continued

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Why you should be using WordPress instead of Joomla!

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WASHINGTON, DC – WordPress Developer WordPress and Joomla! Content Management Systems WordPress and Joomla! are two very popular content management systems (CMS), each utilized by literally millions of websites across the web. There are several similarities between the two software. For one, they’re both free. They also both have strong support and development communities backing … Continued

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My takeaway from the WordPress Meetup

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This was a day of firsts for me. My first WordPress meetup, my first actual Meetup, my first time in DC, and now, my first blog post. As my first time in DC, it was disappointing, since we only got to know the CHIEF offices. As my first time in a Meetup it was ok. … Continued

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Agile Developer GSA IT 70

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WASHINGTON DC – Agileana is a lean, agile web development agency and IT company holding a GSA IT 70 Schedule.  Agileana focuses on providing Drupal and Python development services to federal government agencies, higher education, and nonprofit organizations. Blake Newman is an agile coach holding certificates in Project Management (PM) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM).  … Continued

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WordPress winning the CMS wars

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WASHINGTON DC – WordPress expert Joomla has seen its day.  Starting out around 2005, we have seen Joomla reach its high water mark around 2009 and quickly descend.  Drupal peaked around 2010 about the time that was relaunched in Drupal.  Since then, both are close to bottoming out. Meanwhile, we’ve seen some newcomers in … Continued

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Usability: Clever CAPTCHA (Are you human?) that doesn’t suck

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I absolutely HATE it when I get to a form and have to distinguish the letters or numbers to prove that I am human and not a robot.  Most of these CAPTCHA (Are you human?) tests suck and I have to magnify the screen 500% to try to figure out the letters and numbers.  So, … Continued

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Unconfirmed WordPress Security Flaw in the Wild

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Normally we wouldn’t publish any warnings regarding unconfirmed security vulnerabilities. But this particular security issue has a credible source and possible consequences that makes it important to reflect over.   The short story: At the moment all versions of WordPress are subject to this vulnerability, and there is still no update released that will protect … Continued

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Usability Trends for 2015

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It is not enough to have a beautiful web design with a high impact image on the home page like so many of the 2015 web design trends I have seen lately.  You have to make website usable, easy-to-use, obvious, accessible, and intuitive.  The best website user experiences (UX) will be those that are so … Continued

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WordPress vs Joomla vs Custom Web Design

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Since 2005, it has become clear (according to Google trends) that Joomla has seen its user base rise and fall and WordPress continues to be the dominant, most popular content management system (CMS) for powering websites.  In fact, the plethora of free and low-cost predesigned WordPress themes is also driving a stake into the heart … Continued

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How web design has evolved from 1995 to 2015

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Best and Worst University Websites Designs Probably in large part due to evolving technology, increased use of mobile devices, and higher resolution monitors; web design and the style of design continues to evolve.  Nowadays, a modern website needs to look as good or effective on an Android as it does on an iPad or a … Continued

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Modern design trends for 2015

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WASHINGTON, DC (Herndon, Virginia) Web design company, inQbation: The modern web design trend for 2015 includes maximum use of screen space, high impact images, full bleed, and responsive design.  I call these 2015 Web Design Trends 2015 Web Design Trends Although has been around for at least a decade, it continues to evolve with … Continued

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