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Usability applies to everything we see, touch, or do

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In web design and development, we have this concept called, “Usability,” which means that we strive to make our websites and user experiences (UX) more intuitive and obvious to our intended target audiences.  Once you become cognizant of usability, you start noticing it everywhere. When I land in a new airport and rent an unfamiliar … Continued

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Thoughts on PHP

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PHP is a very similar coding language to Java, syntax wise. The declaration of variables, OOP, data types, functions and forming data all resemble that of Java. But, just as Java is also similar to python, PHP has python-like syntax/mechanics as well since variables can change data types easily, reading, writing, and deleting files in … Continued

How to do User Centered Design (UCD) with Agile

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Know your Target Audience One of the primary indicators of whether a web site or application becomes successful, useful, popular, and actually used is its ability to satisfy its users.  How do you satisfy users?  By knowing who they are, understanding their mindset, putting ourself in their place, and building user stories around that point … Continued

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5 Tips to write Engaging Content for your Website

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On the web there is one simple truth: people don’t read online. And let’s be honest, neither do I, and probably neither do you. It’s not that we’re all incredibly lazy, the reality is our days are so busy and our time is so precious that if we actually read every single word on every website we … Continued

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Usability Trends for 2015

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It is not enough to have a beautiful web design with a high impact image on the home page like so many of the 2015 web design trends I have seen lately.  You have to make website usable, easy-to-use, obvious, accessible, and intuitive.  The best website user experiences (UX) will be those that are so … Continued

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How to create 5 star user experiences (UX)

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Web design trends of the future… Should focus on creating world-class user experiences. The role of web designer has reached its zenith and has become somewhat of a commodity.  Indeed, with all these pre-fabricated WordPress themes and Drupal templates and Twitter Bootstrap frameworks, why would anybody pay $10,000 or $20,000 or $30,000 (like they used … Continued

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Best Practices: Usability, User-Centered Design, UX

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The most successful and effective websites and web applications will be those that cater to the user experience, that truly take an outside in approach, that delivers visual user experiences that transcend language, culture, and generation.  Websites and applications need to be so easy that a child can navigate, even one that cannot quite read … Continued

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Typeplate logo

Typeplate, and how to improve the presentation of your website

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Nowadays, the use of CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation is very common in front end development and it allows developers and designers to build good looking HTML structures pretty quickly. Usually these frameworks only focus on layout and functionality, disregarding basic design principles for typographic patterns. This is a big problem, because a website is not just layout, navigation, tooltips or buttons, … Continued

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Five Little-known Features in WordPress to Make Managing Your Site Easier

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WASHINGTON, DC – WordPress Experts If you have a WordPress-powered website, you probably login to the backend Dashboard every day to perform recurring tasks. Well, there are probably a few things you’re not aware of, or might not be completely familiar with. Hopefully this blog post will show you how to manage your WordPress website … Continued

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Responsive web designer in Washington DC

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Responsive design is now widely used as a cost effective alternative to deliver content across different platforms. There are also great responsive CSS frameworks that allow designers rapidly deploying user interfaces, thanks to the graphic resources and JavaScript features that they include by default. CSS frameworks These are the three frameworks that we typically use in our … Continued

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Usability testing and best practices: Street signs

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ARLINGTON, VA – We were inside the beltway to visit a client and had the awkward experience of trying to figure out the meaning behind some street signs related to parking.  The stakes were high because if you did not follow the instructions precisely, then you could risk having your car towed, damaging that car … Continued

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Usability: Making things look obvious and intuitive

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[Updated: 11 Apr 2013] Obviously, Facebook executives read my blog post about their usability issues and released a new version of their website that resolves this problem.  This is the new search bar:       [End of update] Facebook lacks usability The concept of “usability” is that you ensure that the interfaces between people … Continued

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Apple stores suck and I hope they go out of business

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Stupid sales people, stupid policies, stupid website I need an OS upgrade to an office iMac so I go online to the apple store and select the OS upgrade.  I’m given the choice of shipping it to my office in 2-3 days or pick up at a local Apple store.  Since this is urgent, I … Continued

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