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Luis Cuellar lucuella

Work Anniversary: Luis Cuellar, 10 years at inQbation, Agileana

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In November 2007, I was seeking a tech co-founder who was well-connected with web designers and developers, who could work as a project manager, and help me launch inQbation, which ultimately spawned Agileana – also a web design and development company in the DC metro area. I could not have picked a better co-founder. Particularly … Continued

no jerks allowed

Jerk-Free Workplace

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Have you ever worked for a jerk? Some time ago I worked for a small business with an out-of-town owner who was a real jerk on an irregular basis. Some of the time he was friendly and professional. Then, just when you weren’t expecting it, ZING! One ZING from the out-of-towner was over summer vacation … Continued

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DC VA summer intern digital marketing

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inQbation is a digital marketing agency in Herndon adjacent to Reston Town Center. We build websites for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and commercial enterprises. We integrate content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. Our services include web strategy, design, development, SEO, social media marketing, and web maintenance. We also have an R&D lab where … Continued

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