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Why Toggl time tracker is better than JIRA tempo tracker

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On my last blog post, I wrote about Why I Stopped Using the JIRA Tempo Tracker and how I instead started using toggl. And as promised, here’s my review on toggl after using it for one month. As I mentioned before, I started using toggl after Tempo’s tracker was updated and no longer omnipresent. Toggl … Continued

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Why I Stopped Using the JIRA Tempo Tracker

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Recently JIRA has been making a lot of changes and improvements, and going through them has been a little hard (like getting kicked out of your account and being forced to create a new one). Eventually, I got used to the changes, until Tempo tracker got “upgraded”. Tempo tracker was never the prettiest or smartest … Continued

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Why the Government should Open Source their Software

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Let’s begin with a more pressing question, why does the government insist on using closed source software in the first place? Ben Balter, a reputable Project Manager at GitHub rightly points out the following: The federal government is the single largest purchaser of code in the world. So why is this code — taxpayer-funded and integral to the day-to-day … Continued

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My takeaway from the WordPress Meetup

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This was a day of firsts for me. My first WordPress meetup, my first actual Meetup, my first time in DC, and now, my first blog post. As my first time in DC, it was disappointing, since we only got to know the CHIEF offices. As my first time in a Meetup it was ok. … Continued

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Google getting into domain registration business

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Move over GoDaddy and Network Solutions… It seems that with Google Domains, Google is getting into the Domain Name Registration business. – owned by also owns Google has a habit of getting into a business and then either exploiting the heck out of it or not doing it well … Continued

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Drupal vs WordPress

Drupal vs WordPress

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Which is hotter: WordPress or Drupal? WordPress is to the iPhone what Drupal is to the Android.  Meaning that WordPress is so easy that you don’t need a manual.  Just about anybody can teach themselves WordPress.  No technical skills required.  Drupal, on the other hand, needs a manual and some technical skills.  Indeed, I can … Continued

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How to get discovered on YouTube

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How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Well, it’s a little more than just practice, practice, practice. Now, it seems that you have to audition on YouTube. Check out Symphony’s YouTube channel. It seems that all auditions took the form of musician-submitted YouTube video. Indeed, YouTube is becoming more and more relevant as a way … Continued

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RIP IE6: Microsoft makes it official, IE6 is dead

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Via Twitter, Microsoft officially announces that IE6 should no longer be supported. It’s not often that we encourage you to stop using one of our products, but for #IE6, we’ll make an exception. As most web designers already know, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6, commonly known as IE6, requires hacks and work-arounds to make a … Continued

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