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Invest wisely: financially smart

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People are often penny wise and pound foolish.  Meaning they closely watch the pennies they spend but are often reckless with bigger expenses.  Regardless of whether it is building a website or paying for online advertising or personal expenses, people often can’t see the big picture or think in the long term. My advice for … Continued

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5 Tips to write Engaging Content for your Website

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On the web there is one simple truth: people don’t read online. And let’s be honest, neither do I, and probably neither do you. It’s not that we’re all incredibly lazy, the reality is our days are so busy and our time is so precious that if we actually read every single word on every website we … Continued

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How to create 5 star user experiences (UX)

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Web design trends of the future… Should focus on creating world-class user experiences. The role of web designer has reached its zenith and has become somewhat of a commodity.  Indeed, with all these pre-fabricated WordPress themes and Drupal templates and Twitter Bootstrap frameworks, why would anybody pay $10,000 or $20,000 or $30,000 (like they used … Continued

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Internship at Web Development Company in Virginia

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How SEO Works: How to rank higher on search engines Week 2 Blog: Images and non-HTML content Entering the second week of the internship, I have learned that images and non-HTML content can play a key role to SEO. Optimizing images, Flash file, Java applets and videos for SEO can be just as important as text content. Not … Continued

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How to change the number of posts per page in WordPress admin area

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This is an easy trick to change the number of posts per page that are displayed in the Posts administration module of WordPress. Once logged into the administration area of WordPress, go to Posts. You will find a tab called “Screen Options” in the top right of that screen. Click on that tab. The “Screen Options” … Continued

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Internet Explorer logo

New security vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Microsoft recently reported a serious security vulnerability (remote code execution) in Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, and Internet Explorer 11. Understanding the exploit: This is the description of the problem in the official announcement. The vulnerability exists in the way that Internet Explorer accesses an object … Continued

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Drag-and-drop content layouts in WordPress

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WordPress is a great Content Management System (CMS), but it often falls short when dealing with pages (or posts) that require a layout different than a linear one. Fortunately, WordPress is very flexible in terms of extensibility, allowing the developers around the world to create plugins that improve or add new features to the CMS. For … Continued

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How to make Balsamiq mockups look more professional

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Balsamiq Mockups is an intuitive software to create wireframes, or website skeletons, used to conceptualize a website or application before the design stage. By default, Balsamiq Mockups gives a sketchy look to these graphics, which make them look unprofessional. This is a wireframe created with Balsamiq, using the default settings that come with the software: … Continued


Github vs Bitbucker for version control. Subversion is dead.

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Development companies must control the changes to the code, we can not afford to have developers overwriting “by accident” other works and of course many people can be working at the same time in the same project, the discussion about if using Git or Subversion is over, Git has shown to be ahead from Subversion, … Continued

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SEO 101: How to rank on the first page of Google

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The way search engines work is that they attempt to deliver web pages that most closely match (or reflect) the searches that people enter into the Google search box. So, if somebody were searching for, “ergonomic baby bottles” then Google will look for pages that seem to reflect “ergonomic baby bottles”. Google will look for … Continued

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No junk mail sign on a door

Dealing with SPAM on Drupal

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SPAMMERS are becoming more and more sophisticated, recently we had to support a client’s website protected with Mollom, although Mollom does a good job, it’s not enough, we found there were already a great amount of these annoying messages, we found that even reCaptcha module challenges already set were bypassed by robots, in any case … Continued


Happy endings – how are your projects ending?

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Ideally, this is how you need to keep your clients throughout the project management life cycle Unfortunately, this is often the happy factor arc that clients go through during the web design and development process In the service business, you tend to be only as good as your last project because the best way to … Continued

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