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Most popular sites in the world on the Internet

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Generally speaking, the 7 drivers of traffic to a website are: Tools Information Entertainment Community Commerce Communication Education Some site are able to drive huge traffic and remain popular by leveraging only one of these drivers while others strive to leverage all 7 levers. If you want to drive more traffic to your site, try … Continued

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Familiar ads keep popping up on websites?

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Have you noticed familiar advertising that seems to be popping up everywhere after you have visited a website? There is a concept called retargeting and remarketing, coined somewhat by Google, that basically tracks the sites you visit and then delivers advertisements related to those sites on subsequent sites that you visit in the future.  This … Continued

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How to get found on Google

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Feeling lost? Want to get found on Google? Getting found on Google is not hard. You have to follow three simple steps: 1. Use WordPress to power your website 2. Choose the keyword phrases that your target audience will most likely Google 3. Insert that keyword phrase into the subject or title of your blog … Continued

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How long does it take for content to show up on Google?

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Myth: It takes weeks or months to optimize a website for Google Nowadays, with Google’s real-time search, content shows up on search engines almost instantaneously. Case study: noitabqni7002 Ten minutes ago, I submitted a search query to Google using a strange string of characters, “noitabqni7002” and received the following results: So, I created a blog … Continued

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Google changes algorithm – bad for content farms

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Washington DC SEO Expert – SEO Quotient has always been my little test bed for conducting experiments in search engine optimization (SEO). After all, I would not want to do any experimentation on a client site that could result in inflating my client’s expectations and/or disappointing them if their traffic were to suddenly crash. That’s … Continued

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Evidence that inbound links affect Google rankings

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To many people, getting found on Google is a mysterious black box.  To be clear and demystify the process, it boils down to three basic things: Content on your website reflects the search term that people Google Code on your website reflects the search term that people Google Backlinks from other websites pointing to your … Continued

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How does Google work?

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How Search Engines Work In order to effectively search engine optimize (SEO) your website, it is important to know how Google works. The Search Engine Process Google finds your site, usually by following a link to your site from another external site Google parses all of the content and information on your site Google creates … Continued

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Does Google’s algorithm cause malware?

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This may be a ridiculous question or correlation, but, if you think about it… Fundamental to Google’s algorithm is PageRank PageRank is calculated by inbound links from other websites If you want to rank well on Google then you try to get inbound links Webmasters will often pay link developers for inbound links Spammers have … Continued

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MSNBC claims that BP manipulated Google search results

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Seattle, WA – June 9, 2010, last night on MSNBC Countdown, Keith Olbermann boldly claimed that BP manipulated the Google search results and bought the Google algorithm for both the sponsored links as well as the “journalistic” content below the sponsored advertising section. This is typical yellow journalism and sensationalism in action.  To be clear, … Continued

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