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Creating Bootstrap columns in Drupal panels with mixins

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In terms of Front-End Drupal gives you several ways to achieve your goals, you can use Views, Panels, Display Suite, Templates overrides, Custom modules, etc., so sometimes it’s a bit difficult to define the best (or the worst) way to do something. A couple of years ago, we created a theme for a Drupal 7 … Continued

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5 Free Website Accessibility Evaluation Analysis Tools

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With all these federal standards for website accessibility, including Section 508 and the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), it’s difficult to make sure that your website complies with all the guidelines. Fortunately, there are many free web-based website accessibility evaluation analysis tools right at your disposal. I decided to test each of the tools … Continued

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Responsive web designer in Washington DC

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Responsive design is now widely used as a cost effective alternative to deliver content across different platforms. There are also great responsive CSS frameworks that allow designers rapidly deploying user interfaces, thanks to the graphic resources and JavaScript features that they include by default. CSS frameworks These are the three frameworks that we typically use in our … Continued

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Angular JS framework logo

Angular js, the superheroic framework for coding less and enjoy more.

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Angularjs is a JavaScript framework, Super-powered by Google, which allows development easily from small to very powerful applications, with less coding. This framework has a very little boilerplate compared to other frameworks like backbonejs, knockoutjs, or meteorjs, and has a very little bootstrapping. You can make, if desired, a simple client application without using any JavaScript, … Continued

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