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Effective Communications in a Distributed Environment with Remote Teams

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We are a distributed team which means that communications can be challenging. Through the years we’ve used many tools to improve and facilitate communications, but sometimes we have so many that we either overuse them and/or use them ineffectively. This causes two main problems: The person you’re contacting gets unnecessarily interrupted, meaning they’ll lose focus … Continued

Benefits of tagging releases in your git repository

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Creating tags for every project release is an additional piece of documentation that can be extremely helpful in certain cases. These  are some benefits: It helps you keep track of the version number of your project, and refer to that release number when talking with other members of the team. It allows you to document … Continued

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The importance of hotfix and release candidate branches in the Git workflow

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In government contracts, staging and production servers are usually managed by a different team, which is very challenging when your code works well in development servers but doesn’t work properly in those other servers – you basically don’t have control nor visibility over what is happening behind scenes. In those scenarios, it is really important … Continued

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What the heck is Scrumban?

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Scrumban is the happy marriage of Scrum and Kanban Agile methodologies. It sprang up with the need to cater to changing priorities of clients while maintaining the frequency of quality production releases. For the uninitiated, here’s a synopsis of what Scrum and Kanban is: Scrum is the Agile methodology that encourages faster delivery of self … Continued


4 Rules of Git (and the 8 Rules of Fight Club)

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At a recent Drupal GovCon that I attended at the National Institutes of Health Campus in Bethesda Maryland, I sat in on a talk by Daniel Zinkevich of Zivtech (maker of – a tool for automated testing, quality assurance, and continuous integration). Daniel’s tech talk was titled, “Untangling Your Code: A Drupal-Based Git Workflow.”  Good … Continued

Alternative notifications for Entityforms in Drupal 7

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Entityform already offers a way to send notifications: by integrating with Rules module you can configure your notifications for administrators or other recipients, some of those may be inputs in the form itself, so this is perfect for most of cases, ah and if you need to migrate the form from one environment to another … Continued

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Agile Development: What is the difference between “Ready” and “Done”?

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When working with Agile, you will always hear the terms ready and done; they are an essential part of all agile projects. Unfortunately, some people try to use these two terms interchangeably . On this blog post, I plan to explain the difference between these two, and also try to guide you on how to … Continued

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How to Get URL Parameters in Drupal 7

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I’ve seen the horror! (allow me some drama here) I’ve seen code in Drupal projects, trying to get parameters from URLs in this way: $params = $_GET; or $some_var = $_GET[‘some_var’] Drupal has some functions to deal with parameters coming from a URL. Now, let me be honest, it’s not more secure if you use … Continued

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What flavor is your Agile?

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Some people refer to the various tools, processes, methods, and approaches to agile as flavors of agile. To us, they are quite a bit more complex and nuanced than simply flavors. Like choosing the right tools for the job, we strive to use the most appropriate approach and methodology for the task and environment. Kanban. For example, … Continued

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What is modernized, mobile, agile, and lean? Russia’s defense.

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When it comes to the right way of doing (agile) software development versus the proven wrong way of (waterfall) software development, we often hear the terms: Strategic Modern Mobile Agile Lean Unconventional So, it was somewhat surprising and interesting when I noticed these words in a CNN article regarding Russia and its Department of Defense. … Continued

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Agile Development, Washington DC, GSA Schedule 70

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First and foremost, we are an agile development company. This means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but to us this means: Client driven prioritization and periodic reprioritization of our work Absolute transparency of our activities, progress, and obstacles Early and frequent user involvement to steer the user experience Early … Continued


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Agile Development: The Importance of Timeboxing

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When agile teams plan sprints, they strive to get as much information about the user stories as possible so they can minimize interruptions and downtime throughout that sprint. So, it is helpful to have shorter (one-week) sprints rather than longer (three-week) sprints. It is important to have done a good job of story-time and backlog … Continued

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