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How to make PDF Section 508 Compliant

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How to make PDFs 508 Compliant A portable document format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe to create standard consistency when a document is physically printed from a standard printer.  It is also used to freeze or lock content that should remain intact or in context with other information.  Often, we will post … Continued

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Accessible websites with eye-catching Designs

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I don’t blame anyone who uses the “accessible websites are ugly” excuse as their main reason to not make their website open to the disabled. I also thought this after going through accessible websites and cringing at the next even more than the previous. I mean, who wouldn’t fear for their design after seeing such ‘gorgeous creations’ … Continued

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TalentWorks: A Guide to Accessible Online Recruitment

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With job offers and recruiting processes gaining a larger online presence, for those of us lucky to be fully abled, having everything online is a convenient step in the world of job searching. Just get online, browse, apply, and the recruiter on the other end will evaluate the applications online and post new job offers. … Continued

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Image of Swiftbraille android app to type using Braille

SwiftBraille: an Android App to type using Braille

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To be honest, the thought of transferring Braille to a mobile app has never even crossed my mind. But it exists, it’s available, and it’s brilliant. SwiftBraille is a mobile app where the keyboard is customized for the blind and visually impaired so they can type in Braille using one or two fingers to connect Braille dots to form letters on … Continued

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7 Simple Steps to Create Accessible Documents with Microsoft Office

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We’ve all had to do a group project at some point in our lives, now imagine you’re in a class and the project involves collaborating on a document, but you have low vision or no vision at all. How can you be expected to get the job done? This is what countless disabled students and professionals … Continued

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