Work Anniversary: Luis Cuellar, 10 years at inQbation, Agileana

In November 2007, I was seeking a tech co-founder who was well-connected with web designers and developers, who could work as a project manager, and help me launch inQbation, which ultimately spawned Agileana – also a web design and development company in the DC metro area.

I could not have picked a better co-founder. Particularly in a startup where employees need to have diverse skills and the ability to wear many hats and perform many different types of tasks. Luis has filled this role perfectly. He has performed as a recruiter, project manager, designer, developer, SEO pro, photographer, content developer, proposal writer, usability expert, and quality assurance professional.

Luis commands the respect of his team because of his experience, technical aptitude, and the fact that he has done and can do any particular task, role, or job the company demands. He leads by example, takes personal responsibility, holds people accountable, and has incredible attention to detail. Most importantly, clients love and trust Luis. Clients appreciate that Luis puts their needs first, delivers solid value, and is an outstanding steward of the funds and resources entrusted to us to serve them.

Luis has served the US State Department, US Forest Service, Department of Defense, Small Business Administration, Department of Interior, NASA, Administrative Conference of the United States, Georgetown University, George Mason University, and dozens of other nonprofit organizations, companies, and independent government agencies.

Luis has grown and matured as a professional over the past 10 years along with the companies inQbation and Agileana. Luis is a reflection of inQbation and Agileana as they are to him. We congratulate Luis on his 10 year work anniversary, along with inQbation on its 10 year anniversary. Ten years ago, neither of us would have imagined spending the next 10 years together, but here we are, 10 years later Рhalf a career.  We look forward to working together another 10 years and continuing to grow and develop together.

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