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is a social networking development platform for multi-user version of WordPress or WordPress MU. It has the following functional capabilities:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Login
  3. Manage profile
    1. Define username
    2. Define real name
    3. Define About me
    4. Upload photo or icon
    5. Send a wire (broadcast, status update, tweet)
    6. Get notification of activity within my network
    7. Send private message to members
    8. Add friends
    9. Create a blog
  4. Goup
    1. Review directory of groups
    2. Join
    3. Create
    4. Moderate
  5. Directory
    1. Groups
    2. Members
    3. Blogs
  6. Forum

In short, BuddyPress can give you the basic, minimum social networking features and functionality required to create an online community around a particular niche, subject matter or physical community.

If you are looking to build a social media website or social networking website … or if you are looking to create a sense of community from within your web visitors, BuddyPress might be the solution for you.  Give us a call and we can discuss this in greater detail.

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