WordPress web design for Funeral Homes

I have been doing a lot of research lately on Funeral Homes, their websites and digital marketing efforts. After a few hours, I started to notice some serious trends that might be impacting your sites lead generation capabilities.

1. Contact Information – On most sites a phone number is hard to find. Most people searching for a funeral home are not browsing content or looking for fluff. They want to know how to reach you the quickest way possible – via phone. Phone numbers should be at the top of the page and make sure they are mobile optimized so if I can on a smart phone I can click and dial.

2. Cluttered Home Page – Maybe it’s the lack of diversity in the templates, or maybe its just poor design, but over and over again I saw home pages with so much information that my eyes didn’t know where to focus. Streamline the user experience, make sure that your home page is easy to navigate that important information is quickly available and that if all else fails, there is easy to find contact information.

3. Call to Action – As an end user, I need a call to action, something to guide me through the site, make sure I am getting the information I need and not getting lost in content that is irrelevant to me. Create one! Ask your users why they are visiting your site and give them the information they need.

4. Maps – I have yet to see a Funeral Home website with maps or directions easily available. This functionality is hugely important for individuals traveling in for services – make it easy to find and easy to use!


Make small changes like these to create a better user experience and boost your lead generation.


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