WordPress vs Drupal

Straight from the founder of WordPress. Matt Mullenweg said tonight at a WordPress for Government conference that the primary differences between WordPress and Drupal are that…

1. WordPress releases major updates 3 times per year where Drupal releases major updates once every 3 years.

2. New updates are backward compatible to existing themes and plugins where most Drupal themes and modules need to be updates with a new major Drupal release.

3. WordPress patches and releases happen automatically in the background where Drupal updates and patches require manual update and intervention.

Matt said that anything built in Drupal can be built in WordPress. WordPress is becoming more powerful (like Drupal) and WordPress is striving to become easier (like WordPress).

At inQbation, we share the philosophy that front end marketing pages of a website should be powered by WordPress where back end applications, especially those that require login could be powered by Drupal.

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