WordPress: One of the most powerful and popular CMS on the planet

I remember being rebuffed by many high-level tech executives when I proposed using WordPress to power government websites. That was around 2010. As we approach 2020, I am delighted to see some of the most high visibility .gov websites proudly powered by WordPress including:

.GOV websites powered by WordPress

One of the most common complaints (myths) about WordPress is its lack of security or security vulnerabilities. But I don’t think that holds water because government websites, especially high-visibility federal government websites such as WhiteHouse.gov and Data.gov must be bulletproof and highly secure. They must pass Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance. WordPress is no less secure or more vulnerable than any other content management system (CMS) on the market.

University websites are equally important because they must be accessible, fast, secure, and may contain personally identifiable information (PII).

University websites powered by WordPress

Even celebrities are choosing WordPress as their go-to solution for managing high-volume, high-visibility, websites:

As you can see, WordPress should not be underestimated. It is a world-class CMS.

Best Features of WordPress

  • Simplicity. WordPress is easy to use, simple to set up
  • Flexibility. There is virtually no limit to design or functionality.
  • Responsive. Its focus on Content Blocks is conducive to mobile devices
  • Search. It is a favorite tool among search engine optimization pros
  • Secure. The WordPress core is secure, it powers WhiteHouse.gov
  • Workflow. Multiple user roles, ability to draft, stage, publish, revert.

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