WordPress – How to fix the “White Page of Death” after server change

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Today, while setting up a staging instance of a client’s website on which I would be previewing changes prior to applying them to the production server, I encountered a strange issue. All of the client’s Page content, that is nodes created under the Pages heading in the WordPress admin backend, were showing a blank page. No errors. No source code. No malformatted CSS. Nothing. So, I spent the next, hour and a half on Google trying to find a solution. Apparently, this kind of problem is very widespread, but there are several causes. None of the solutions I found, which ranged from removing any extra white-space before or after PHP tags in includes to disabling plugins and uploading fresh files from the latest WordPress archive, did the trick. Finally, I asked for help from one of my coworkers. Because I noticed that I was able to view the page if I used the page ID and preview=true in the query string, he suggested that I make sure the .htaccess rules were up to date. Lo-and-behold, I went to the administration backend -> Settings -> Permalinks and resubmitted the form. I had to copy/paste the new code into .htaccess, and when I did, suddenly the pages worked.

Hopefully, this helps you not have to spend hours and hours searching for a fix to the problem. If so, spread the word and link to this blog post from your own blog so that others are aware of how to fix this issue if they encounter it.

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