WordPress hackers of malicious software and viruses

Last month, one of our clients received an unsolicited email from somebody who had identified all of the WordPress vulnerabilities on their website.  They forwarded the email to us and we offered to secure their website, perform Disaster prevention, and upgrade their site to the latest version of WordPress.  Our estimate to secure the WordPress website against vulnerabilities must have been too high or the client was too busy or for whatever reason, they declined our service.  Today, the client contacted us with an urgent email that their WordPress website had been hacked.  We alerted the team, jumped on the task, and within 30 minutes had restored the site.  But, I really wonder … were the hackers the same folks who wrote them a letter saying their website was vulnerable to hackers?

It goes along with my conspiracy theory about the makers of virus protection software.  Don’t you think the same people who create the virus protection also create the viruses?  All those guys from Norton to Kaspersky to McAfee to Symantec are probably the same guys behind the worlds worst worms, trojan horses, viruses, and malicious software.

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