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The good news is about WordPress is that it’s easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to customize.  The bad news is about WordPress is that it’s easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to customize.  This is bad news because anybody who thinks they know anything about design, development, or WordPress can jump in and start hacking code.  The end result is a hacked WordPress website that is slow, buggy, and doesn’t work consistently.  Then, when you try to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem, it’s a series of dead ends and spaghetti code.  It feels like you are trying to untangle a bunch of knots in an extension cord in the dark.

So, when somebody wrote me today saying that he was looking for a good WP hacker to customize a couple of plugins, I cringed.  Yes, there are times when you just need to stick a little bit of chewing gum on a leaky radiator to get yourself home but chewing gum on a radiator is only a short-term solution.  If you want your website to work fast, flawlessly, and intuitively then you need to put some thought and engineering into it.  Hacking a WordPress website is definitely quick gain but it will cost you down the road.

We get calls about once or twice a month to rescue a web project that has taken way too long to deliver.  Usually, its because of this issue alone – hiring WordPress hackers to get the job done instead of systems engineers and software developers.  So, if you have a WordPress site that’s been hacked and need a rescue, please give us a call.  We know how to untangle the knots in the dark and get your WordPress site humming again.

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