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When Los Angeles accent reduction coach, Kelly Reiter, of Reel English Coach came to us needing a new website design rocked out over a period of 2 weeks, we knew that we had to use rapid application development tools.  Our tool of choice was WordPress.  The beauty of using WordPress as a content management system is that it is extraordinarily easy to use.  WordPress has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing window that is as easy to use as writing an e-mail.  Within minutes, Kelly can create news or update her web pages.

Typically, we start all WordPress template designs from scratch, like a clean canvas.  We ask our client to invest time completing a comprehensive web design questionnaire.  With that, we can go to work creating web design concepts.  Pick your favorite design, borrow elements from the others, and iterate 3 times until we nail it.  Once approved, we create custom WordPress templates from the winning design.

Typically, it takes about 3 days to nail a design and 4 days to implement it in WordPress.  That is 7 days creative labor at $40/hour =  $2,240 from start to finish … building a WordPress template from scratch.

The other cool thing about working with WordPress is the hundreds of WordPress plugins already developed.   There are photo galleries, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, embedded video players, e-commerce, polls, statistics, etc.  Almost any kind of functionality that most websites need are already developed in the way of a WordPress plugin.

So, if you need a website fast, search engine optimized (SEO) out-of-the-box, an extraordinarily easy content management system (CMS), and at a price you can well afford, call the WordPress experts at inQbation.

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