WordPress Design Agency in Washington DC

WordPress Design Agency in Washington DC

When a customer comes to for a new website design based on WordPress, they sometimes struggle to articulate exactly what they want their website to look like. That’s why we most often encourage the client to review the designs available through Themeforest, for example. We often recommend this approach as it is far more efficient in terms of budget than having us design a new WordPress theme from scratch, but also because shopping for designs is a good way for clients to learn about common themes in modern web design and help decide why they want their final website to look like.

As a Washington DC Web Business Analyst at inQbation, based just outside of Washington DC in Herndon, Virginia, I often guide clients through the process of selecting a WordPress theme to serve as a foundation for their final website. My primary charge at inQbation is on WordPress websites for small businesses and nonprofits who are redesigning their websites for one or more of the following reasons:

  • to modernize their brand’s image online, in order to stay relevant
  • to gain additional functionality and plug-and-play extensibility
  • to streamline the process of managing and updating their content

Trends in web design come and go which is why it’s important to be aware of the life cycle of WordPress theme designs and features, and to be able to distinguish from themes which are original or imitations, or to know what theme features may come across gimmicky and dated in the short-term. Since we spend most of our day researching and designing for WordPress (and Drupal) we can consult our clients on these design choices efficiently.

Customers often come to us for WordPress overhauls because they’ve heard that WordPress plugins make updating or growing a website really easy, and for the most party, they’re right. The WordPress Plugin Directory is an endless library of plugins that can be used to extend WordPress’ functionality, or enhance its ability to optimize a website for Google search results, for example. We sometimes encourage clients to “shop” for functionality on on the (free) Plugin Directory, much like we point theme to Themeforest for designs, so that they know what’s out there. However, we do maintain a list of preferred plugins that we have vetted extensively and found to be free of viruses or malware, coded efficiently, and reliable. Note, if you ever need help with custom functionality for a new WordPress project, we have expert WordPress developers on staff ready to handle your project.

If your organization is still doing all of your updates via HTML it may be time to consider upgrading to a dynamic website based on WordPress. “Dynamic” websites separate design from content, making them far easier to update and maintain. We’ve found that it’s often one employee—who typically has more relevant tasks to the organization’s mission—who gets stuck updating the organization’s aging website via manually altering the code or by struggling with FrontPage, ColdFusion, Expression Engine, or some such other dated program or system. If you’re using any of these systems currently and they’re working for you, that’s great. But feel free to reach out to your local DC WordPress design agency if you ever want an upgrade for any of the reasons above.

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