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We recently had a client come to us requesting a quote for a new website. Their small Virginia based church was ready for a new, more modern website. When I opened the link to the example page they sent me, I was pretty blown away. It was gorgeous, user friendly and made me want to send everyone to look at it!

I wanted to throw out a few tips and trends we are seeing for Church’s looking to revamp their websites.


  1. Powerful Imagery – Want to get someone’s attention? Start with some epic photos! These could be of your church, of your community, of the gorgeous wooded area behind your church. Let these photos tell a story of who you are.


The Father’s House (http://tfhny.org) combines powerful imagery with a powerful message to grab attention as soon as the site loads!



  1. Creating Connection – Make your leadership feel reachable! Add pictures, bios and a way to “click to connect” with someone. It will give your website an even more personal feel. The first time someone new comes to join you, they will already feel more connected.


The International Church of Las Vegas (http://www.iclv.com) main page highlights their pastors with a picture and quote. Click the link and get even more information, including an invitation to use social media to connect with them!





  1. Story Sharing – Sharing stories of the work you do, or members and families of your community is a great way to create connection both for potential members and existing members of the community! Maybe even open the floor for members to comment and connect over these stories.


Redemption Arcadia (http://arcadia.redemptionaz.com) highlights stories on their homepage, not only are they one of the first things a user sees – but the invitation to share them is right there!


  1. Events – Highlight your upcoming events and services on the home page. Invite people to share these events through their social media pages. Your community is connected, encourage them to share and bring new members to events!


The Village Church (http://thevillagechurch.net) did an amazing job of creating a call to action for events at the top of the page and providing a map for users to see which location is closest to them.



  1. Your Message, Mission and Vision – Highlight these on every page. These are the calls to action for not only your website, but for your community!


Rock City Church (http://rockcitychurch.tv) incorporated Message, Mission and Vision all in one easy to navigate section. The simplicity keeps to attention on the content.


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