With version 8, Drupal has finally grown up

Finally, Drupal 8 (D8) is delivering an enterprise level, open source, content management system (CMS) that is satisfying technical expectations and meeting the current needs of bleeding edge technologists. What makes D8 a game-changer includes:

  • Web API and Web Services, which increases Drupal interoperability
  • Mobile-first framework, which makes it easier to be device agnostic
  • Easier automated testing, continuous integration, configuration management
  • Faster performance, speedier load times
  • More global and multi-lingual
  • More things built into the core, that used to be extensions and add-ons
  • D8 is more conducive to agile development and best practices

Generally speaking, D8 is forward leaning whereas earlier versions were already dated upon delivery.  This is refreshing and gives me hope and optimism that Drupal is here to stay when many people thought it was an aging dinosaur going the way of Joomla.

Drupal has always been a mixed bag to me. On one hand, it can be a powerful development framework that helps teams accelerate and speed up the design, development, and deployment of websites and web apps.  On the other hand, it can be quite frustrating and limiting at the same time.

The thing is that thousands of government agencies and nonprofit organizations around the world have come to depend on Drupal.  Organizations that want to avoid vendor lock-in and prefer open source over proprietary, needed something like Drupal to power their websites.  But, there was always a rub, a frustration, a caveat when it came to Drupal.

Fortunately, Version 8 has breathed new life into Drupal. When it comes to open source, particularly in the LAMP stack, Drupal is one of the most powerful options in the content management system (CMS) category.  Now, with D8, we can perhaps leap forward and do things easier, faster, safer, and better than was possible before with the inherent limitations and constraints of D6 and D7.

So, now that D8 has proved itself and is gaining traction and acceptance at a very high speed and short period of time, proactive organizations should think about converting their Drupal 6 and 7 websites to Drupal 8.  And, if you are still running off of a proprietary CMS or, worse, a hard-coded website, now is the time to make the move to D8.

If you need help with your enterprise website, please give us a call.  Agileana is an agile Drupal development company holding a GSA IT 70 schedule and is focused on serving federal government agencies and nonprofit organizations based in the Washington DC metro area.

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