Why Join the Agileana Team?

Agileana (pronounced: \ ˈa-jəl-ē-nə \) is a company with an inspiring purpose. We build, maintain, and secure web sites and web apps for clients with missions that matter. Our clients include government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and member associations.

To do this, we continuously grow our teams of smart, hardworking people, dedicated to agile, lean, responsive solutions.  


Selecting the right team is an important priority. We seek colleagues who understand and embrace the Agile development rituals. Whether through formal education or experience, our team members have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of software development, systems, troubleshooting and teamwork. Our team members are Acquia-Certified Drupalists and Certified Scrum Masters. But most importantly, our team members are adaptable. Their most important priority is to satisfy our customers by continuously delivering valuable, working software.



We advertise job openings through a variety of sources that include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and the Careers page of our website. We realize that most of our job seekers use their smart phones to search for and apply for job opportunities. For this reason, we carefully select the job title so that our posting shows up high in candidate’s search results. Our goal is to receive quality applications rather than to have a large quantity of applications. We also identify the deal breakers and include those in our application questions. For example, if the role requires US citizenship or a minimum amount of experience, we ask those questions up front.


When a candidate finds an opportunity that’s a good match, he or she can submit an application through the job board, Career page or by emailing a resume and cover letter to [email protected].

Evaluating the Fit

As we receive applications for a specific opening, we start evaluating the fit by eliminating the deal breakers. For example, if an applicant doesn’t have the minimum experience, we immediately send an email expressing thanks, but no thanks. We receive applications for 2-3 weeks and then we email each applicant who meets our minimum requirements with more detailed information about the opportunity, our timeline and we invite the applicant to interview by phone.

We realize the evaluation process is a 2-way street. We try to provide enough information for our applicants to have an idea if they want to spend a half hour getting to know more about us.


We start with a “screening” interview. Our interviews are less than one hour, all remote, and at the applicant’s convenience. We talk through some of your experience and some of ours. We provide information about our company culture and company benefits.

When we find a mutual interest, we schedule a more technical interview with the prospective team leaders. The technical interview is a respectful conversation amongst peers — no gotchas, brainteasers, or whiteboard coding.

At each stage of our interview process we follow-up with next steps. We know this process is a significant career move that requires consideration on both sides. We appreciate your generosity and consideration of us, and we aim to be considerate communicators by not ghosting our applicants.


If we see a fit, we will send you a formal offer letter.


The first 30-60 days of on-boarding are critical to establish a good company-employee relationship, a comfortable work environment and to reduce “new job” stress. You will be welcomed by enthusiastic teammates who will do their parts to set you up for success.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Agileana offers a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • Medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance
  • Generous paid time off
  • Remote job

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