What Web Design Companies “Really Do”

The Best Of: What Web Design Companies “Really Do” & What Our Clients “Really Do”

inQbation is a Washington DC based web design company and full-service digital marketing agency.  We develop easy-to-use content management systems (CMS), custom back-end and front-end solutions.  We’re experts in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media and online advertising.  Clients we serve include Government Agencies, NonProfit Organizations, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs (Start Up Companies).

The Latest Internet Meme: “What I Really Do”
If you’re not completely familiar with the term; “Internet Meme” is a viral concept spread on the web from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, news sources, or other online-based services.

What I Really Do: Internet Meme Creator‎

“What I Really Do” describes the different ways society perceives people, occupations, hobbies, etc.  Images are compiled together to showcase “What Your”… boss, mom, friends, society and even you think you do when it comes to your job!  Reality hits when you reach the final box, which commonly describes “What I Really/Actually Do.”

I used the website Know Your Meme to find images for my “Best Of.. What Web Design CompaniesReally Do” list below.

The Best of “What I Really Do” – (Web Design Company Edition)

I’ve collected a few “What I Really Do” images that show the perceptions society has on the web design industry. Since we’re web experts in graphic design, computer programming, social media, digital marketing… these “What I Really Do” appeal the most to us here at inQbation. Scroll further down to see “What Our Clients Really Do” and browse entrepreneurs, small business and nonprofit versions..

“What Web Design Companies Really Do”
What I Really Do: Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Digital Marketing, Computer Programmer, Female Programmer, WordPress Consultants, Project Manager, Internet Publisher, Social Media Manager, Bloggers, Marketer, Database Administrator, Social Media Junkies, Internet Marketer SEO, Internet Marketing Consultant, Open Source Developers 

What I Really Do: Graphic Designer
What I Really Do: Web Developer
What I Really Do: Computer Programmer
What I Really Do: Female Programmers
What I Really Do: WordPress Consultants
What I really Do: Project Manager
What I Really Do: Marketer
What I Really Do: Database Admin
What I Really Do: Social Media Manager
What I Really Do: Bloggers
What I Really Do: Internet Publisher
What I Really Do: Internet Marketing Consultant
What I Really Do: Internet Marketing SEO
What I Really Do: Open Source Developers

Bonus! “What Our Clients Really Do”
What I Really Do: Internet Entrepreneurs, Entreprenuers, Small Business General Managers, Nonprofit Work 

What I Really Do: Internet Entrepreneurs
What I Really Do: Entrepreneurs
What I Really Do: Small Business General Manager
What I Really Do: NonProfit Work

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