What to expect from a great Agile PM

What to expect from a great Agile PM

Working on your custom website with an agile team means you’ll get high-priority, high-quality work faster. The Agile Project Manager will be the facilitator, ensuring the team is aligned with the priorities, getting rid of bottlenecks, reacting quickly to changes, and providing accurate project status to stakeholders.

So how do you know if you chose the right PM? Here’s what to expect:

Great communication skills

As your main point of contact, a great Agile PM will be in constant contact with you: understanding requirements and priorities, sharing the project status, showing progress and receiving feedback. They should have excellent communication skills and a talent for building (and maintaining) solid relationships. 

A few key ways they prove their communication skills are:

  • Easily explaining every aspect of the project to stakeholders and the agile team.
  • Mediating between stakeholders and the team when changes occur to maintain project transparency.
  • Managing expectations with stakeholders and the agile team.
  • Creating an environment based on trust and respect.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Custom website projects change constantly; requirements and priorities may be clear at the beginning, but as soon as you see them in action, they’ll change and/or evolve. An Agile PM won’t block these changes, they’ll embrace them and ensure they are aligned with the bigger picture.

When reality messes with your plan, you change your plan—not reality.

Jonathan Rasmusson, The Agile Samurai

A great agile PM is flexible and resourceful, so they can change direction at a moments notice. They are also capable of reacting with appropriate urgency when required, while also maintaining the critical path and overseeing the budget.

They can also fully understand all aspects of your business, and with their creative problem-solving skills, they can anticipate your needs and propose the right solution that will be aligned with the priorities and budget.

Organized and Detailed Oriented

An Agile PM is extremely organized and detailed oriented, especially since they should be the last quality assurance filter. They can visualize and simplify complex systems, making it easy to not only know your project’s big picture, but also learn and understand it to the very last detail.  

An excellent Agile PM is a person you can trust completely, who will adapt to and embrace change, and knows your custom website project and business so well that they transcend from the role of a PM to your trusted advisor. 

If you’re in need of an agile PM that ticks every box, get in touch at [email protected].

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