What is Organic SEO?

Paid Sponsored Links vs. Natural, Organic Results

When you Google a keyword phrase, there are two distinct set of results:

  1. Paid advertisers of a given keyword phrase
  2. Sites that naturally rank for keyword phrases

Sponsored links – paid Ads

Paid ads are alive as long as the advertisers pay for the key words.  As soon as advertisers stop paying for their campaign, their listings immediately disappear.

Often, bidding competitions will take place and those seeking the top 3 results will quickly enter into a bidding war where keywords could cost as much as $25 to $50 per click.  For every person who clicks on that link, advertisers will pay that CPC – cost per click.

As soon as an advertiser’s budget for the day has been depleted, their ads disappear and the next highest paying advertiser will take their place.

Natural, organic search results

On the other hand, when somebody Google’s a keyword phrase, below and to the left of paid advertisements is what we commonly refer to as natural or organic results.  These tend to have higher credibility because they are what Google considers most relevant to the search query.

So, how does Google determine relevance?

According to Google, they look at about 200 signals to tell them what a particular web page or website is about.  Some of these signals carry more weight than others.  But, as of this moment in time – and Google tends to shake up their algorithm from time to time – the most important attributes, elements, or factors that influence Google search engine results page are:

  • The anchor text of the inbound links from other websites pointing to yours
  • The URL or directory/file path of your web pages
  • The Title of your web pages
  • The anchor text of the buttons and links on your website
  • The content (words, letters, photos) on your website
  • The page and paragraph headings on your site

And, to be very specific, Google looks to see if the keywords that are in a search query match the keywords in these elements listed above.  That is how Google determines relevance.

So, if you want to get found on Google, then you need to consider these things.  If you need some help, give us a call.  Our phone number is at the very bottom of this page.