What is Growth Hacking?

There are different ways of getting new business. One is through traditional advertising. Another is through word of mouth. A third way is word of mouse marketing. Word-of-mouse marketing relies more on clicks, searches, and hash tags.

When it comes to growth hacking, developers apply science to marketing. Science is the study of behavior through observation and experiment. In science, we make an observation, question a phenomenon, make a hypothesis, make a prediction about logical consequences, test predictions by controlled experiements, then draw conclusions on the basis of data gathered from an experiment.

This is growth hacking.

When it comes to growth hacking and lean startup, we make an observation about market demand, problems, and unmet needs. We ask questions like how big is the market, what are the target segments, what do they seek, what problems need to be solved, what competitive solutions exist, etc., We make assumptions, predictions, and a hypothesis with a predicted outcome. Then, we test the market through blog posts, rapid prototypes, keyword demand, etc.

Sometimes, we generate leads and positive traction from our tests and experiments. If we get enough positive traction, we run with it. If nothing comes in then we pivot or abandon the effort. A good growth hacker will use A|B testing and multivariate testing on a range of factors including keywords, colors, placement, imagery, and calls to action. Through data, we drive decisions.

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