What does Alexa score mean?

Alexa is a company purchased by Amazon.  It uses third-party traffic statistics to help rank the most popular websites on the planet.  An Alexa score of 1 means that this website is the most popular and highly visited website in existence.

Alexa closely tracks websites in the top 100,000.  Given that there are about 10,000,000 (ten million) websites at the moment, and growing every minute, if your website ranks in the top 100k out of 10,000,000 then you are ranking in the top one percent (1%) of all websites around the world.

inQbation is approaching that top 100,000 (top 1%) mark.  A little over five years ago, when we first registered inQbation.com, we were in the top 4 million according to Alexa.  About two years ago, we broke into the top 1 million according to Alexa.  Today, we are within the top 170,000 and continuing to march towards the top 100,000.

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