Website Traffic, The Law Of Averages And Online Business

95% of all Internet businesses fail sooner or later for many reasons but the main one may be a lack of site visitors or traffic. The simple law of averages means that you should be able to sell to a percentage of the people coming to your website. That said if no one knows you exist, how are they going to buy from you?

Effective Internet Marketing is essential for any website business and it can be a complex, statistical nightmare if you let it. This is where your offline promotional instincts, if they existed, can be quite helpful. You need to promote yourself online just as you would in a brick and mortar business to be successful.

P.T. Barnum would have loved the Internet. Having the nerve and chutzpah to promote online in unique ways, incorporating proven marketing methods with creative instinctual promotion can turn you into a genius overnight. Thinking outside the box is an overused cliché but it makes sense on the Internet because of the abundant opportunities to be creative with advertising and promotion.

Joint ventures with other like minded non- competitive Webpreneurs sharing profits earned. Find someone with a need for your service or products and make a deal to share THEIR traffic through great exposure on their website.

Depending on what you are marketing there are inexpensive, reputable paid traffic options available that will draw targeted traffic to your website. The objective here is branding your business and retaining visitors rather than actually selling first time traffic prospects. Remember that you want to increase your overall exposure to visitors and keep them coming back; allow the law of averages to work for you.

While you are shotgun marketing to build a retained visitor base you can be focusing on other forms of rifled marketing that will earn you revenue to pay the bills comfortable knowing that the law of averages will make you wealthy over time.

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