Why is your Web traffic down during the holidays?

Don’t be alarmed if your web traffic is down during the holidays … that is, unless you are in the retail or e-commerce business and sell things during the holidays. Then, you should be worried. But, if you are non retail or Business to Business (B2B), you should see a natural dip in traffic.

Why is web traffic typically low or slow during holidays?

Think about it.  Where do you have the fastest internet connection?  Probably at work.  After you get home from work, you have lots of things to do:

  • Go to the gym
  • Hang out at happy hour
  • Attend evening classes
  • Attend some type of …. anonymous meeting or group therapy
  • Fix dinner
  • Pick up the kids
  • Bathe kids, read bedtime stories, put them to bed
  • Do some reading
  • Attend to your garden
  • Wash the dishes
  • Make love to your partner

No wonder web traffic is down during the evenings and weekends.  Web traffic is particularly down on major holidays because that is when people are typically out of the office, running around, enjoying life and doing stuff other than surfing the web.

Take a look at a sample monthly web analytics traffic report:

So, relax and enjoy the holidays … instead of worrying about your web analytics.

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