Web traffic report: Obama vs. McCain

If you are interested in seeing how your website compares in rankings to your competitors, there are a couple of online third-party tools that can give you a general observation.  Often, I will refer to two third party websites,  www.Alexa.com and www.Compete.com.

Since both major political party conventions are over, I thought I would run online website traffic comparisons between Barack Obama and John McCain just to see what kind of interest people have in each candidate’s websites.

As you can see from  www.Compete.com, the two major remaining candidates were virually neck and neck between August and November 2007.  But, around December 2007, Barack Obama’s campaign caught fire … maybe it was the Oprah influence.  But, as you can see, John McCain’s website performance for August 2008 match that of Barack Obama‘s website performance for July 2008.  Moreover, John McCain’s traffic report is up 3,000% for the year compared to Barack Obama‘s 1,250% for the year.

So, at least for now, and maybe that is due to John McCain’s selection of Palin, John McCain is catching up with Barack Obama.

The chart below demonstrates similar results from  www.Alexa.com.


You know, I love a good race.  As in football games, its much more exciting when it comes down to the last minute.

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