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They say that a man with a hammer in his hand sees every problem as a nail.  Drupal shops recommend Drupal for everything from changing a lightbulb to deploying a blog.  Joomla shops and WordPress shops do the same thing.  We are technology agnostic, as long as it’s open source.  We prefer to use the right tool for the job.

If your organization needs a website to simply put out news and information, if you only have a handful of people who manage content on the website and you know and trust all of those people, if your content managers lean towards the non-technical journalists side rather than highly-technical geek side, then you probably need WordPress powering your website.  We deploy WordPress because it’s fast and easy … fast and easy to deploy, fast and easy to modify, fast and easy to publish content, fast and easy to optimize for search engines.

So, if you need a website that is fast and easy, then you might consider WordPress and the CMS of choice.  We can make that happen for you.

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