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In November 2007, a handful of extraordinarily talented and creative freelance web designers came together under the leadership and vision of one entrepreneur and created inQbation™.  Now, we can offer you the best of both worlds, the economy of scale, customer service and creativity of a freelance web designer along with the diverse skill set, stability and professionalism of a small business.

inQbation provides custom web design, web applications development, WordPress template (theme) design and other services associated with online marketing and graphic design.

If you are wondering about the difference between a freelance web designer and a regular company or small business, then read a few pros and cons of working with a freelancer versus an organized web consulting firm.

Looking for a freelance website designer?  Here are the pros and cons of going with a freelancer…


  1. You may get lower rates by dealing directly with the designer
  2. You may get more personalized service
  3. You may find somebody who is more committed
  4. You may be able to avoid paying for excess overhead
  5. You may get exceptional design
  6. You may be treated like a VIP client


  1. You may be vulnerable if she/she flakes out and disappears
  2. The freelancer may be too busy to give you 100% attention
  3. The freelancer may be great at some things, but not everything you need
  4. The freelancer may lack corporate professionalism
  5. The freelancer may be too much of a maverick to be controllable
  6. The freelancer may take your design critique too personally

In short, hiring a sole freelancer may be a toss-up in terms of pros and cons.  On the other hand, working with a large company may not be an attractive option because instead of being a VIP client you may be treated like just another (of 1,000) customers.

Feelancer versus Small Business?

Perhaps, you should consider a small business instead of a freelance graphic web designer.  Here is why…

  1. Multiple skill sets.  Typically, a small business will have a handful of specialists.  As opposed to a sole proprietor or freelancer who has a limited skillset, a small business may be able to provide a team of specialists who compliment each other.  For example, you may have a very creative 3d Flash animator but he or she lacks the technical Action Script skills necessary to make the Flash animation actually do something and have functionality.
  2. Professionalism.  Often, freelancers are freelancers because they can’t deal with an office scenario.  Perhaps they can’t get themselves out of bed and get to work by 9 am. Maybe they have poor or inadequate social skills.  Could be, they never graduated from college.  Typically, a small business operates more like a business.  Usually, a small business will have customer service professional and project managers who can insulate clients from the natural temperments of an artist.
  3. Stability.  Freelancers often live and work client to client, which means a couple things.  First, it could mean they live by feast and famine, hand-to-mouth, which creates instability.  Second, they could be completely overwhelmed by overlapping clients that they are stretched too thin.  So, while they may do great work, they cannot give you enough time to be great.  A small business, on the other hand, may have a little bit more stability because they can more easily weather the ups and downs between clients.  If one person leaves a small business then the business can still probably continue to operate normally.  If one person leaves a one-person entity then the entity is dead in the water.
  4. Shared overhead.  You may think that going with a freelancer means paying less overhead.  It might be the opposite.  With a small business, five to ten people can split the cost of an office, divide the cost of a high-speed internet connection, share the cost of a fancy copier/printer/fax machine, shoulder the burden of an advertising campaign.  Through economy of scale, you may actually pay less actual overhead on your project.

As former freelancers, we are definitely entrepreneurs at heart.  But, we feel that the benefits associated with working as an organized consulting firm far outweigh any benefits of working individually.  We believe that our finished products and customer service is far superior under a single roof than from half a dozen garages.

So, if you are looking for great web design, regardless of whether it is from a solo entrepreneur or a consortium of professional, please contact us so we can learn more about what you do and who you are targeting and can develop a solution to your online marketing needs.

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