Using YouTube to Benefit Your Business

YouTube has become all the rage as a central place to post videos for hundreds of millions of people all over the world to view. Videos can be posted on YouTube simply by creating an account, and with the right marketing on your company website and through other social media mediums, you can drive visitors to your company’s useful video content. In addition to having your company videos on YouTube, you can take the videos and post them on your company’s website or you can post a hyperlink that will direct website visitors to the company’s YouTube videos.

Tutorials and Demonstrations

Tutorials and demonstrations are a great way to display products or services your company offers visually for customers to watch. This will help them understand how your product or service functions, and will increase their understanding about how it works. Tutorials can also teach people who are unfamiliar with a product or service how to use in a step by step format.

Many products and services require some learning to be done by the customer, which often is a barrier that keeps them from buying when deciding to purchase. By having tutorials or demonstrations explaining or showing success of using a product or service, customers are more inclined to trust and want to buy the product or service versus having not seen it.


Have a work space, company building, factory, hotel, or any physical area you’d like to show? By making a YouTube video of it, customers are able to visually see what the area looks like. With many spaces, this can help customers preview the environment without actually having to visit it or before they decide to visit it.

Get to know Employees

Want to appeal to potential customers or employees? Have current employees discuss how they feel about their workplace, their company, past or current projects, company values and the work environment. Typically, happy employees equal happy customers, so by showing that the company values their employees by speaking with them and allowing them to convey their opinions about the workplace can appeal to many. Potential customers will be impressed with the company and their employees, and potential employee talent will be enticed to work there.

Announcements and Press Releases

Have something to say? While written form works, why not a video of an announcement or press release as well? Many of these are already done verbally, so simply record it and post it on YouTube.

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