Using Gmail helps improve your rank on Google

Have you noticed how Google is starting to display results shared by people you know or are connected to?  Check out this snapshot from a recent Google search:

I have a Google account for my Google apps, Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, and about half a dozen other things Google.  So, every time I log into one of those and then go to Google then I remain logged in.  As I Google stuff, I noticed that highlighted on the first page of Google are other results shared by people I know.

So, possibly, if you want your blog posts and other web content to rank higher on Google’s search engine results page, they key may be to use a Google gmail account (which is an alias for my business email account) and make as many connections as possible through that account.  Basically, the more people you send and receive email with, the larger your contact list on Gmail.  The greater your contact list, the more likely your pages will show up on their Google searches.

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