Using Django for User Registration and Email Verification

Herndon, Virginia; Summer Internship Hackathon

We started the day off on a short sprint meeting for the “day-long sprint,” with our user stories and tasks written on notecards which were later pinned to a kanban board. After identifying the difficulty levels of the user stories and discussing the definition of done for each of them, we were off to work, familiarizing ourselves with the project code and framework along the way. John and I tackled user registration while Claire and Jenny worked on the email verification side of things.

In the afternoon, we quickly moved to complete the password reset and login welcome. It was satisfying to see our code tangibly work and our user stories move across the kanban board. After discussing with Blake, the product owner of the team, we relaxed the definition of done for the email registration in order to focus our time and energy on other tasks. We hope to complete the customization of the welcome email as well as verification by phone by the start of next week in order to start our second sprint. Lunch was very good, especially the crispy duck!


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